Scale fingering and chord progressions expected for the Piano and Performance Piano syllabuses:
Piano Scales
Performance Piano Chordal Progressions
Piano Chordal Progressions

Piano Musicianship

We have made available some example musicianship to help students prepare for their exams. See the piano syllabus for more information.
Grade One
Grade Two
Grade Three
Grade Four
Grade Five
Grade Six
Grade Seven
Grade Eight

Singing Syllabus Exercises

Due to popular request, we have made the exercises from the singing syllabuses available as a separate pdf document. You can find them here:
Performance Singing

Scale Grids

"Scale Grids" are a student/teacher resource that helps keep track of scales to be learned. They are available in A5 page size for Piano and Piano.
Performance Piano

Musical Alphabet

It is useful to have a common notation to represent musical pitch. This is the notation recommended by NZMEB, please use it when corresponding with us to avoid any ambiguity.
Click to view

French Time Names

French Time Names are a useful learning aid for students. They help cement rhythms whilst maintaining beat strengths within a bar. You can view our French Time Names here

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resource book
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Cello Musicianship
resource book
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